Sonja Böckler
Based in Zurich, Switzerland

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15 September, 2019

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SHAVE is a mobile game about shaving objects. – It explores the potential of translating human experiences in playable systems in order to reveal the underlying structure of our perceived world and create a humorous and striking experience.


When we talk about video games we tend to stereotype them as just something fun and entertaining. We think of trivial stories and generic content. The characters, the world, the challenges do not represent anything of our daily life. That‘s why a lot of people are not even interested in video games. SHAVE explores the conventions around the topics «shaving» and «hair» and translates them in a playable system.


  • Unconventional and meaningful Topic – SHAVE is using a social convention as main topic. The topic «hair» is pretty unusual for a game and anybody can relate to it. And even «nongamers» get curious what it might be.
  • New Game Mechanics and uncommon controls – There is no such thing as a simulator where shaving hair of 3D-objects is the main topic yet. And there are many gameplay new mechanics to explore. For example: How to reward or punish a player in this setting. And why is it satisfiying to remove the hair of the objects? There is a sweet spot between disgust and satisfaction we try to explore with our game. Shaving objects via touch input feels kind of satisfying and relaxing.
  • Exploration and Suprises – The core motivation of the game is the exploration of interaction and the suprise of unexpected objects and or mechanics.


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Awards & Recognition

  • "Zurich University of the Arts: Young Talent Award 2018" Zurich University of the Arts, 2018

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About Sonja Böckler

Hi, my name is Sonja Böckler and I am a designer. My skillset includes Game Design, Interaction Design, Illustration and Animation.

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Game Name Credits

Sonja Böckler
Project Lead, Game Designer, Programmer, Visual Artist

Anatole Buccella
Composer, Sound Designer

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